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The Rifters - Enchanted World CD

We’re thrilled to share that our seventh album The Enchanted World debuted at #25 on the Roots Music Report’s Top 50 Americana Country Albums Chart last week! We are darn proud of this one ourselves, and excited that it’s getting some attention. In fact, Country Standard Time says, “Acoustic music doesn't get any better.” Aw, shucks! Here’s some more nice things that folks have said recently.

  • “...exquisite mandolin playing and three-part harmonies to die for. Simply spellbinding."
  • "As well as their soaring three-part harmonies the band use a myriad of acoustic and electric instruments to best use as they traverse a range of musical styles that at different times conjure up comparison with The Mavericks as well as another trio from across the border, The Flatlanders while at times the lyrical narrative offers a sagacious nod to TomRussell.” –Americana UK
  • “...superb playing & wonderful songs.” It’s a musical experience that caresses your ears & is hard to forget.” Americana Highways
  • “Every song on the Rifters’ seventh album serves up a heaping helping of perfection. THE ENCHANTED WORLD is one of those albums that shouts out ‘Drop me on the turntable and listen!' Wisdom, humour, reflection, tradition, originality, reverence for the landscape and an unsentimental love of living amidst one’s fellow humans, all join to create this impressively out of the ordinary recording.” (Alan Cackett – Americana, Roots and Bluegrass Music)
  • "Listening to the acoustic interplay and well-worn vocals takes listeners back to the simpler days of folk when Americana was run by The Eagles and Jackson Browne.” –Glide
  • “Acoustic music doesn't get any better” –Country Standard Time
  • “The Rifters, who represent modern Western music with sincerity and honor, do it the right way, with lyrics, tunes and harmonies meant to celebrate a particular place and to encase it in the listener's memory. The Enchanted World succeeds.” – Jerome Clark –

The Enchanted World features 14 songs, 10 of which are originals or co-writes. Several of the songs in The Enchanted World are an homage to the ranching and western life, with all of its idiosyncrasies and challenges, and the glory of the landscape of the ranching west. You’ll hear songs like “The Circle,” a tribute to the ranching life, sung by Rod, whose 40 years as a working cowboy give him a particularly rich place from which to deliver this message. "The Greatest Mystery" was written by Rifter friend and Lubbock-based writer Andy Wilkinson and is an exquisite treatment of the harmony and wonder we find in the rangeland and the natural world. Title track "The Enchanted World" is a song that speaks of the power we have to choose the way we look at things, and "So Many Different Things" sort of sums up all the multiplicity of things we all go through, that sometimes pop out as songs.

We were honored to welcome many friends into The Enchanted World, including Eliza Gilkyson, Michael Hearne, Diamond Jim Richmond, and Pete Wernick. As Eliza says, it’s "my new favorite cd on constant play in my car. Beautiful songs, lyrically rendered with sweet harmonies and a sense of real camaraderie between the band mates. This is the musical soundtrack of our rugged, glorious southwest, authentically expressed by this trio of artists who so clearly love their high desert home." We sure hope you enjoy the grand journey through The Enchanted World!

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